IPHES makes available to everyone through a blog the posters presented at scientific conferences around the world

So far, 22 posts on a diversity of themes have been posted, showing the results of the research carried out at this research centre.

The objective is to make this scientific production visible as well as creating a digital record open to everyone 


The large scientific production of posters by the IPHES (Institut Català de Paleoecologia Humana i Evolució Social) members that are presented in worldwide conferences is very relevant, and moreover some of them have won prizes thanks to the didactic and attractive displayed designs. A very accurate work that often is stored back at the research centre without any other visibility. With the idea of changing this situation, and making them public more permanently and bring them closer to the scientific community and the general public, an exhibition was firstly started at IPHES, showing two posters during a month, but finally a leap was taken to the internet creating a blog.


The initiative was launched by the IPHES researcher Ethel Allué, that doing this has promoted also the virtual archive of this open access contents. Since its creation on 2015 there have been 22 posts, each of which belongs to a poster and from each one there is an image and the information of the issues and the authorship, as well as the link to the congress in which they were presented.  They are classified into categories and they can be also found chronologically according to the date of the post. The periodicity, between October and May, is of two per month and they are also exhibited physically at the resting hall at IPHES, located at the campus Sescelades of the Universitat Rovira i Virgili, at Tarragona.

The poster issues that have already been blogged are diverse and they mainly refer to the research results carried out in this research centre, such as the study of tooth wear to acknowledge the hominid diet habits, that focused the two new posts this year. These belong to two posters presented by Marina Lozano (IPHES, researcher) to the  Association of Physical Anthropology during the annual meeting held at New Orleans on April 2017.