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IPHES receives an original painting as its first donation

The painting is by the well-known international Canadian artist, Sacha Barrette, and it has been installed in the Institute

The IPHES (Institut Català de Paleoecologia Humana i Evolució Social) has recently received an original painting as its first donation. The work, entitled Homo urbanus, is by the well-known Canadian artist, Sacha Barrette. The painting has been installed in the research center, situated in the Sescelades campus of the Rovira i Virgili University of Tarragona (URV).

The artist, Sacha Barrette with Deborah Barsky (left) amb Robert sala with Maria Targa – IPHES

Homo urbanus reflects on the importance of studying the distant past to better understand the current condition of humanity, as well as its trajectory into the future. In this context, this donation is rooted in the on-going and transdisciplinary initiative between IPHES and Sacha Barrette, who use and integrate different facets of culture and patrimony to make them more accessible to the general public. Homo urbanus forms a part of a collection of paintings that will be exhibited in different Canadian cities in the upcoming months.

The donation ceremony took place at the IPHES and was attended by the artist, the director of the Institute, Robert Sala; its manager, Maria Targa, and a researcher from the center, Deborah Barsky, friend of Sacha Barrette and promoter of the initiative.